First time crptocurrency buying; different brokers, different wallets? How do I begin?


I laughed when I first heard about Bitcoin in 2011 because I thought it was an online joke-currency like Dogecoin. I’m not giggling so much now.

I’m starting to look to buy Ripple, but want to make sure I’m doing it right. I have a family member who uses coinbase, and another who uses Etoro. On the begginers tab of this subMHG there is mention of wallets and transfers.

I’m worried about the following;
– Security of accounts, both on mine and service side
– Spread size, etoro apparently holds breifly and then buys at the top of the spread?
– Exchange, from UK/USD to XRP and vice versa
– Holding fees; I’ve seen mentioned in various places, weekend and overnight fees for holding assets. Does this apply to ripple?

Still pretty noobish at this!

And why do some exchanges sell anywhere from .20-.30 usd higher than others. What’s the best ?

Binance is the best exchange.

How to buy XRP

If your gonna long term hold, put it in a nano ledger s. If your gonna experiment I would just keep it in the exchange. I use a BTC atm, then transfer to Binance, or Bitsane. Right now if your gonna get in, put into XRP, ADA, XLM, 0x, and maybe NXT or REQ. Too many people put it all in one coin. Would you do that with your 401k? If I were starting out now, I would try and get a few thousand coins of each. In the next 2 years one of these will go above 100 and pay back the initial investment 10x. Most people just bet on one coin. I learned a lot from BTC. I sold 8 btc for 1k a few years back, had I held (hodl) I would be sitting on some nice cash. I still made profit but damn… Hodl is no joke. Everytime you buy/trade/exchange you lose money so keep it to a min. Yesterday I sold 3/4 of my XRP and bought ADA with it. Now i am up $500. But I still own over 1000k xrp. In 10 days I am going to buy more XRP, and a few k of the NXT and REQ. One of these in 2 years will go above 100 and id rather have a few thousand of each and take my shot at a quarter mil or so. Check every day and look at the market cap and then the top traders, you will see trends. If you see something pop 100% in 24 hours one day and it does it again, may be time to get in on something. Especially if its less than 1 cent.

Thanks very nice suggestions.

I wouldnt used etoro. Coinbase is the most popular

The best method the last few weeks go get Ripple the fastest is to use the CC method on CB, Buy ETH, transfer it to GDAX (coinbase company, same login), transfer to binance, then exchange the ETH for Ripple. You can get ripple in a matter of 10 mins after setting up.

the best FREE wallet for Ripple is toast wallet. Send a test of 22 ripple to the wallet from binance. If it is successful, send the rest. There is a reserve of 20 ripple the wallet will hold and you cant get out. This is for ALL ripple wallets.

There are other brokers like Gemini, but it will take weeks to be verified. Kraken and Bitstamp you can buy ripple DIRECTLY, but I hear people have issues with Kraken and Bitstamp I believe is another long verification process.

As far as wallets, I recommend the Ledger Nano S Hardware wallet. It holds up to 5 different cryptocurrencies, compatible with over 20, and it’s the most secure cold storage hardware wallet solution on the market right now. Never had a problem with it, works flawlessly. I actually have 2 lol. Direct from manufacturer:


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