I understand its a all a gamble. BUT, what do you guys *think* will happen over the next few days?


I have my money waiting to buy in, but it hasnt been at a comfortable spot to buy in at. However, when it was 150 i wish i would have known it would go up to 220 then i would have done it anyways…. So my question is do you guys expect it to go back down before litepay, or should i buy in now before it goes up more and more and more until then litepay comes out and it skyrockets?

If you buy now, it’ll go down. If you wait, it’ll go up. At least that’s how it works for me.

Yeah know same im expecting to check it and see it at 80 cents lol

Lol exactly so i thought i’ll sell half and the price stayed about the same for 3-4days than slowly going up

The absolute rule of crypto

BUY. NOW. I think LitePay will continue this bull run. Any dollar spent will profit in a few days.

so you arent expecting another dip? I understand no one knows for sure, but im new to all of this so im sure all of you guys have a better understanding

Well, that’s why I just sold 20 LTC at $220. But there it goes, even higher.

I do expect a dip, but not until after the LitePay date (26th). That’s why I only just sold 20 of my 40. Wait for the rest of this.

So you think litepay will cause the dip or you think it will go up even higher with litepay THEN dip?

I think LitePay will cause a major rise, THEN a dip right after the date.

Just wait.

thats what im thinking, i bought in at 220 i will be HEAVILY monitoring it after litepay, then sell, then buy again and wait for the market cap to get exceeded lol

Buy on the hype, sell on the news.

Nobody actually knows what is going to happen. I mean you literally got a 50% chance of being right. Goes up or down from here. Trust your gut. Good luck

How the hell did you miss the buy in?

idk man 🙁 I transferred funds from my bank account and literally the morning the funds cleared it was at 110…. and by time they cleared it was back up to 130. SO i was waiting, and waiting, and waiting, thinking it would go back down that low. Im dumb, i know i know

Last time on December 17 , we have seen pump and dump game . But this time looks like litecoin will go for long bull run . Litecoin should have a 5x bull run this time .

So, in you opinion, buy in now and ride the rollercoaster?

Aggressive thought. I like the optimism

what makes you think it’s different this time. News of Litepay?

Im not going to give you advice about spending your hard earned money. I will say i bought at $220, was happy let it go up to $300 and back down, bought more at $150 averaging way down to $160 and held and i think we’ll see $300 again even if its from hype alone… the mkt has stabalized all things considered and is ready for hype pumps again.

I understand not wanting to do that, thats why i was asking for peoples specific opinions on the matter so i could kinda form my own opinion based around the collective. Thanks for your input! I just bought in, lets hope it continues to rise

Just buy now. It’s hard to predict what will happen.

Just don’t put in money that you can’t lose. I bought in at $90 and have watched it go up to $300 back down to $150 this past month and almost thought about selling… but I’m just leaving it in there.

In this for the long run. Just buy and forget about it for a few months then check again lol.

yeah i know, that was a thing my friend warned me about, so i just moved over 200. its high enough to build off of, but low enough idc if i lose it. I obvi dont want to, but that deff will not break the bank

I bought LTC the first time last year at $142. Didn’t sell at 300+. Finally sold otw down at 245. When I thought it reached its new low I bought again at 189, 160. 140, 115, than again at 170 last night.
The point is I didn’t know where the low was OR the high was. Trust yourself and buy a coin you think will be a good investment. The price doesn’t matter.

I doubt I’ll sell LTC, ATH this time either…
My stories with XLM and ZRX are just as clueless. 👍😉

Look man, are you looking to make a little bit of money short term? Then go to a casino. If you want to invest and hold to potentially 10x your money, then buy and hold crypto with the expectation that it may take a year or more to do that, and in that time your $ value WILL fluctuate greatly. The good news is that if you buy say 10 LTC, you will always have 10 LTC until you sell it.


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