Question: Don’t you think that LitePay is overvalued?


Sorry.. But I was checking the Webpage and the site is horrible. Just a few Images with No help or documentation. I don’t see any Card Implementation (VISA/MC/AMEX/ETC).

And the Doc webpage IS EMPTY

Why everybody is pending on this system?


Hard to put a value on something that hasn’t launched yet.

Tell that to EA.

Well fuck, that made me laugh more than it should have 🙂

We’re already seeing a price shift, but it’s based on faith and speculation.

they have an article on there blog from yesterday stating the website is currently being redone and the current one is a place hodler in a sense

It hasn’t launched yet

Fork Confusion Propels Litecoin To 1-Month High Above $200

Fork Confusion Propels Litecoin to 1-Month High Above $200


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