What will happen if BTC, LTC, and other cryptocurrency begin to be used as actually currency?


Will the prices go up or down? I’m not too educated on the topic and was wondering: if you were buying a carton of milk at a grocery store w crypto currency, would you really have a price of (example) .0018372 litecoin? Sorry, I know it’s an oddly worded question I’m just a little lost.

If crypto with finite supply is adopted price will rise

Are you sure? Wouldn’t prices fall if we have a finite money supply and population is increasing?

Supply wont change, so if demand grows the price will grow. Even more so if the new comers hold. Less will be in circulation therefore less sells happening driving up the price while the buys with demand continue to grow.

Oh I thought we were talking about after adoption, My Bad

Then it should rise even more cause alot more demand if it’s adopted 😀

Finite means limited

infinite means unlimited

Yes, I was thinking of price levels of baskets of goods. Prices will decrease.

Sorry I’m with you, yes deflation.

It’ll be anchored in fiat. More people using it means more demand, supply is constant and price rises.

Okay thanks, I only have a small amount invested in LTC, but with all the talks I’m thinking of just throwing a few bucks at it with no expectations.

The top coins have always returned to ATH. Why this time would be different hasn’t been explained well at all so I think we’ll see $400 LTC this year.


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