Iโ€™m not on here to brag, just know right now I am very humbled! I went from living paycheck to paycheck last year to having enough money saved to purchase a new data plan on my phone to allow me to upload this photo very fast๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ


lol, and kinda lame to put a ribbon on a car you bought for yourself (unless he/she has multiple personality issues ofc) ๐Ÿ™‚

Buys an over priced car that will cost him thousands a year in maintenance and taxes but lives in a shack. Oh lets not forget insurance upwards of 3k a year.

For the love of god plz no one else do this until you have a secure home, then go nuts.

Once my investment blows up I’m going to be debt free and owning a home free and clear…while driving a used Accord. I’ll be posting pics of the used Accord and baller house one day!

The point of the post was he could afford the data plan for the picture. Never stated it was his car.

Damn youโ€™re like visibly retarded and handing out life advice. This post was a joke about having a phone plan allowing him to upload a photo at high speeds, the expensive car is the punch line.

Damn youโ€™re like visibly retarded and handing out life advice.

dying laughing, thank you for this.

Every summer as preparations are planned I keep telling myself.

You can sleep in your car but you can’t race your house. I’m usually sleeping in the shop for prep reasons at this point.

Yeah because he only said that he was able to upload this picture fast. He never claimed it was his picture.

Damn this dude so underground he canโ€™t even wait for American memes. Straight to the Chinese meme market.

Congratulations. Me too…. I am not here to brag either. I went from browsing MHG from a stolen phone to another stolen phone.

Hit up Walmart for one of those ECOATMs and sell the stolen ones to buy crypto… Just use a stolen ID a set of touch sensitive gloves for the finger print and wear a scarf with sun glasses to hide your face… It’s cold out there

Not here to brag, but I had to post it in both /category/litecoin and /category/cryptocurrency

Itโ€™s funny to see people reply without even reading the title, let alone content. Typical of cryto MHG

i read the title 3 times till i got the joke ><
(maybe because english isnt my main language but i still feeling dumb xD)

Now I’m not sure if I got the joke first time or if I haven’t gotten the joke at all? Care to put me out of my misery friends?

joke is they’re able to upload the picture faster than before, not that the picture (and it’s content) are theirs

Yes newest ICO just dropped TA suggests it will 200x in one week from whenever you read this stock up or get left behind like nocoiner

Where is the white paper? I dont see a white. This is crap, guys!!

I’m all in. Just refinanced the house.

Lol, don’t know whats better about this image. How well thought out it is or how many people it has actually triggered.

Clearly you havenโ€™t learned anything about making money longterm.

Edit: Thought I was on r/antiMLM

Please give me one more genius here who finds out that this picture is soooo fake or that it was not a good decision to “buy this car”. Guys guys.. Reading skills are still important today.

I got that unlimited data plan to bruh. ๐Ÿš€ 2 year contract signed in December. Wish the market was still the same now.

I literally saw the same exact post word for word without the emojis on facebook 3 days ago in a real estate group. Get this garbage out of here dude

Sounds like you made it! I admit I saw the picture first and then when I read the title I legit laughed.

Which means lmao.. His onky made enough to get a better data plan to upload his dream gift which he hasn’t bought yet.. ๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿ˜… I think that’s the joke..

Thank you, Captain Obvious!

Just messing, at least you got the joke (unlike half of this thread).

Just messing, at least you got the joke (unlike half of this thread).

I didn’t get the joke at first. Based on how MHG can often go I just assumed OP wrote the title with bad grammar or something.

In a ways surprised what people read and what they understand.. Smh.. Btw.. it starts with a picture then you build on that reality.. Hope you get that soon..

grats man, litecoin changed my life from paycheck to paycheck to having a decent nest egg and no debts in 2013. Hoping we keep going up! how is the data plan on your phone? i want to switch to unlimited bc mine sucks.

Congrats! I hope you are satisfied with our lifetime subscription. Our fees are to be increased by 100% every year.

My mom bought me one of those for my 16th birthday! Those red bows sure do make my piece of shit car look good!

I do love your success this is my 2nd helping if insights not for so much as the viewer reading this right now. When you get your wealth and you will get it. Buy your freedom 1st. Get completely free from everything that has been holding you down including your relationships . Get out of as many responsiblies as you can. Fall into becoming your self again. After a while you will not want the things you want now. And you will never want to be the person you are now because you will be the real you
Don’t buy anything that will get you trapped again.

You put a bow on a car that you bought? Hopefully you can continue to make enough to maintain it.

I think the joke here is that he just uploaded a photo of a car he found on the internet, not that it’s his

Just wana know how did you still manage to invest your money even though you were living paycheck to paycheck? Reason why I’m asking is because I’m going through it right now but can’t seem to have any money left over to invest.

Happiness is in understanding, not imposing your philosophies on others. ๐Ÿ™‚ and you donโ€™t understand the joke

Cingadulations man! Way to go that is fantastic to see someone make it and be proud. We all need to Bragg a little more because I like to see winners tell there story. That is how we learn. We all need to love winners. This is what one looks like. Thanks for having the courage to be proud!

Please go fuck yourself ๐Ÿ™‚


I hope you didnโ€™t blow the majority of your coin on that car and that it was only a small portion of your stash.

Reluctantly am saying, great job!

lol not the newer model soooooo picking up a used Bentley can run probably around 50-70k but still good for you

I will always say, you need to be able to read, or you will always have the same problems of not being able to read.

Found same car image on Google Images… This is fake… Plus OP is a New User… Fact check this!

It’s not fake. It’s a joke that went over your head. Read the title again and ignore the picture. Pretend it’s a picture of apples

You did all that “research” and never took the time to read the title, you’re 10/10 on the silly scale. ; )

Congrats on the car, but Iโ€™m stunned that people that were dirt poor and then get rich would blow money like this. Save it for a rainy day. Unless, of course, you have so much money you could never spend it all.



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